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Having a decent bridal hairstyle is very important and that is why I will do my best to make sure that the bridal hairstyle that I do is absolutely perfect for you! Your special day is really important to me and I would like to help add maximum style to your bridal hairstyle, helping you look your absolute best. I will travel to venues if possible, to perform your bridal hairstyle and to ensure that your day is as relaxed and memorable as possible. If I am not able to travel to your venue, I will do my best to make your experience in the salon for your bridal hairstyle and makeup as comfortable and stress free as possible.

On your special day I will come to you fully equipped with all the hot rollers, hairspray, pins, make-up, lashes and fairy dust you need for that glamorous bridal look.

All I ask for is a clean dry face and hair.

  • I will blend make up to your decolletage for that finishing touch. Allow 2 hour for your hairstyle and 45 minutes for your make-up..
  • I will make sure that you are entirely ready, relaxed and on time for your photographer and limousine.
  • I use and recommend a combination of professional products including Dijonne, Redken, Arbonne, Napoleon Perdis, Youngblood, Evolve, Harlotte, White Sands,Schwarzkopf, Eco Hair, Affinage.
  • I will give you the perfect combination for flawless, long lasting make up and hairstyle results that will last your entire evening.

I love doing bridal hair and I intend to make you look absolutely fabulous on your wedding day!

I love hair and weddings; wedding hair is a real passion for me. Traditional hair dress training doesn't involve any real bridal hair specific modules therefore most hair salons prefer that you to go to bridal hair style specialists to have your hair done. Over the years I have been on several bridal hair specific courses to learn how to do wedding hair for every type of hair, as well as the use of hair decorations and veils. I am also available to do bridal parties including mothers of the bride, bride maids and anyone else who want perfect hair on the day. I am booked several months in advance so please contact me to book your date to avoid disappointment.

 Wedding & Bridal Make Up

I use only the best cosmetics and I offer bridal make up services that will complement your personal style. Your look could be sultry with a strong focus on smokey eyes, with eyelashes to enhance the length, nude lips or maybe a very soft natural glow with a flawless finish.

Your Trial

Gather some ideas, pictures, colour swatches, head pieces, etc. and bring it along to the trial. We can work your look into the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. Come to the trial with freshly washed hair and face, so that I can work with your hairs' natural movement and texture. Your skin will be cleansed and prepared before makeup application to ensure perfect coverage and longevity. At the trial you can enjoy champagne and treats while you relax. We will discuss everything, from flowers, the venue, your wedding dress, bride maids, flower girls, mother of the bride, etc.  to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the proposed style and colours. Photo's will be taken and a face chart done to re-create your personal look on your wedding day.

Hair & Make-Up Trial

I highly recommend a test trial for you to experience first hand what you can expect to look like on your very special day. I recommend you book a trail at least 3- 6 months prior to your wedding day. It will give you complete confidence that your look will be perfect on the day. This will give you enough time and the opportunity to organise your trims and colours.

I can advise you on Colour, Preparations for treatments, Styles, Hair extensions, Make up and Beauty preparations.
Your final trim and colour or spray tan should be done 1 week prior to your wedding day. Make sure you have some hair and make-up pictures or photos, as well as your veil and accessories ready for your trial. I also have trial items at your disposal if you have not made up your mind and are still undecided.

My artistic ability covers a wide range of unlimited ideas; I can vary your look by trying different looks and styles until we are entirely satisfied with the design which suits your facial shape and dress style perfectly.

I will also discuss the hair styles and makeup that your Bride maids, Flower girls and Mums will be wearing. They are welcome to attend your trial for moral support. I will take a number of digital photographs of your trail hair style and makeup and e-mail it to you. I will bring it along on the day of your wedding to make sure that I do the same style, only better, because your hair will be in perfect condition after the hair care products and treatments which I suggested you should use!
I will complete your wedding day profile and your requirements, confirming starting and finishing times, to ensure you have an enjoyable and stress free day.

 Costs for Trail and Wedding Hair Styling Appointments:

To secure and confirm your trail appointment you have to pay R500.00 ( only EFT or Cash, no Cheques ) into my bank account within 3 days after making the appointment. The reason for the advance payment is because I make special arrangements for your appointment and I will be expecting you; unfortunately some brides- to- bees make appointments and never pitch for their trails ! You must appreciate that I could have accommodated somebody else at the time I specially booked for you. The R500.00 is the cost for the trail which consists of a precision cut, blow wave and styling. Optional extra costs are for colouring, flashes/foils, accessories; hair care; shampoo and treatment products. Bring additional R500.00 cash on your trail day to pay for the optional extras if required. The trail must be done at least 2 weeks before your wedding.

Some brides-to-bees and their mothers want to see if the trail is a success before they pay !  A trail can never be a flop because the main reason for the trail is to make sure that the style you had in mind will work for you; and if it doesn't work for you, it will be the only time before your wedding that we can change and improvise on your wedding hair style ! I had a bride-to-be for her trail recently; she had a picture of a model with an 'up-do' hairstyle; she and her mother insisted that I do the same style for her. I told them it would not suit her; she ended up looking like a Swiss-roll; she got what she asked for ! On her wedding day they asked me to do what ever I thought would suit her best. I did a completely different style and she looked stunning; everybody complemented her.  Her mother, who was very sceptical prior to the trail and wedding phoned me afterwards and they send me a couple of sms's to complement and thank me for the great success of her own hair, the brides maid, and her bride daughters' hair.

If you fail to do the deposit I will consider your appointment cancelled and you will loose your booking. If you make a short notice hair trail and wedding booking, ( within 2 weeks prior to your wedding ) you must make the payment for the trail immediately otherwise I will not be able to help you. I will have to reschedule other customers' appointments to accommodate you on short notice and without a deposit I can not do it. You must appreciate that I cannot make all the arrangements and rescheduling of regular customers to accommodate a bride-to-be and she does not pitch for her trail !

If you are happy with the trail and the quotation for your wedding hair and want to confirm the booking, you must pay the full amount within 3 days after your trail. The moment I received payment from you I will cancell and reschedule all regular customer appointments to enable me to focus all my attention on you on the day. I do not handle money on wedding days. On your big day my focus and full attention will be on your wedding hair styling and makeup. If you fail to deposit the full amount in my bank account within 3 days after your trail, I will assume that you do not want me as your wedding hair stylist and makeup artist. I will consider your appointment cancelled and book someone else in your place.  

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Optional Extra Costs Involved:

Colouring, flashes / foils and accessories will cost optional extra. You will also need hair care products to get your hair in a good condition for perfect styling on your wedding day.  The hair care products include quality brand name shampoo and treatment which should last for up to six months.  Bring at least another R500.00 cash or debit/credit cards  (no cheques) on your trail day to pay for your optional extras and hair care products if required. You will only pay for the products and accessories you require and the products you need.

It is very important to use the shampoo and hair care products, which I supplied, to ensure that your hair is in the best possible condition on your wedding day.  I am very serious about the shampoo, hair care and treatment products; I will not do your wedding hair if you did not use the products ! ! !  Do not waste money on off the shelf  'conditioners' before your trail because it forms a layer on your hair instead of penetrating the like the hair care treatment products I use. That is the reason why hair with conditioners does not style well; it tends to fall flat when heat is applied.  Unfortunately I had cases where the brides-to-be got someone else to colour their hair, and to save money, some of them even coloured their own hair with stuff they got from Clicks, Pick & Pay or some chemist.

Most of them came to me a complete mess; the colouring was a disaster; their hair was damaged and dry and I had to do double treatments to try and fix their hair the best I could. In most cases I had to do the colouring all over again and that is a costly and time consuming process !  Remember, there are no second chances on your wedding day !  Either I do everything myself and do it correctly and professionally or I don't do it at all. My name and reputation is at stake and I will not compromise for a fast buck. I want you to be completely confident that you will get the best possible hair styling and makeup. I want you to be picture perfect on your wedding day. Bridal hair is my passion and speciality; I know the business; you will look stunning when I'm finished and you ! If you need referrals to give you peace of mind you are more than welcome to contact me for details.

Your hair must be in a healthy, manageable, maximum body and shining condition for the best possible styling on the day. Do not wash, do not use conditioners and do not colour your hair before you come to me for your trail; I will inspect your hair and give you the right shampoo and hair care treatment products to fix your hair to be ready for your wedding. I will take care of everything; I take full responsibility for the condition of your hair, the colouring and the final result providing you use the hair care products, shampoo and treatment which I supplied and you follow the instructions we discussed.

Parisian Hair Straight. (not Brazilian blow wave!)

If you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair and want to do a hair straighting treatment for your wedding, consult with me before your trail. I did a few Brazilian blowouts on customers' requests before, but I will not use Brazilian hair products and do the 'Brazillian blow out' prosess again. Go to 'Services' / Brazilian' for full detail and costs involved.  

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 Before your day

I will be in touch with you to re-confirm and finalize all the arrangements to ensure that everybody will be on time and aware of any changes. I am available to discuss ways to ensure that your hair and skin is in optimum condition to have you glowing throughout the whole day and evening until you depart on your honeymoon!

On The Day

Always professional and reliable I will come to you to take the worry of travel out of your day. I will be there on time to have you ready to step into your dress! The photographers, your guests, family and your man will be ready and waiting for you, and you will look your best ever! Any head pieces will be attached, touch ups will be applied before I leave. I look forward to meeting you and taking care of you on your big day.

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