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There are many people who look forward to haircuts but at the same time there are many people that dread this event. The most important thing to remember when it comes to haircuts is that you make use of a hair stylist whose style you like and who you trust. Many people are never sure about how often they should cut their hair. The general consensus is that hair should be cut every 4-6 weeks, however, if you are attempting to grow your hair, this could be extended to 6-8 weeks. Haircuts are not dependent on time but rather on the growth of your hair and how much it grows in a given time.


I am qualified and specialise in offering the best services in make-overs. The make-overs which I perform consist of such activities as hair cuts along with the application of the correct make-up and hair care products suitable to a customers' specific hair care needs and hair type. I will make sure that you will be blown away by your make-over and that you will be completely satisfied after your visit to my make-over/  hair salon.

Only the best  make-up products are used to maintain the best look and make-over for every customer. Besides being a make-over salon, I will also perform hair care to go along with the make-over, resulting in the best overall look for every customer. Every customer will leave feeling the best ever because of the hair care and make-up makeover treatment they received.

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It is important to remember that although it is advised that haircuts are done on a regular basis this does not prevent split ends; only proper nourishment and the right treatment products can prevent split ends and breakage. The key to beautiful haircuts is that the hair is cut proportionate to the shape of a persons' face. The various face shapes include: heart, oval, round, square as well as long. Depending on the shape of your face will depend on the range of haircuts that will suit your face. For example; those that have a square shape face can soften the jaw line with haircuts that have wispy or graduated layers around the face. To determine the best haircuts for your face shape, feel free to talk to me, I can offer you professional and honest advice about the best styles for your face.

Most people generally feel that hair looks and feels healthier after haircuts. The best way to maintain this feeling is to invest in quality hair care products that treat and nourish your hair and scalp.

Paris Hair Straight by Helene

If you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair and want your make-over to include a Parizian hair straight treatment go to 'Services/Brazilian' for full detail. We do not use Brazilian blow wave products and do not apply their processes. We use Paris Hair Straight with amazing results; a lot cheaper and takes only half the time to apply; no burning eyes, no fumes, no face masks, no blisters on scalp and no 'blow-out'.

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For more information and prices and to check my availability for an appointment, please call Helene @ 0835014355 /062 503 0056.

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