Mobile Hair Dresser & Hair Salon Services - PARIS HAIR STRAIGHT BY HELENE  (NOT BRAZILIAN)

We specialise in hair care products. We get superior results using Paris Hair Straight by Helene. The products we use and the Paris Hair Straight process is completely different from the Brazilian blow dry.

We use only the best-quality products to ensure your safety with amazing results. We had customers from other salons who had very bad experiences with Brazilian blow wave treatments; severe burning eyes, lungs, scalps with blisters, and hair ending up like dry grass! etc. We use Paris Hair Straight and combined with treatment products and correct application we have the most exited and satisfied customers ever! We can also use the regular Brazilian blow wave products if you prefer, but we chose not to put our customers and ourselves through that torture again. The products we use are guaranteed not to burn your eyes, lungs, scalp or damage your hair. You will not wear a mask to protect your face!  Our customers insist  they will never use any other brand hair straightning products other than Paris Hair Straight. Your hair will be soft, staight, nourished and stylish. Since we started using Paris Hair Straight we have very exited and satisfied customers; healthy, straight and stylish hair without pain.

And some more good news! Our Paris hair straight process takes half the time and cost 40% less than the Brazilian hair products! Feel free to contact us for satisfied customers' references who had Brazilians blow waves before.

Now on special for R1000 for short , R1200 for medium and R1500 for long hair. Take home Hair-care products and shampoo cost optional extra.

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What is a Paris Hair Straight Treatment?

So you want to have beautiful straight hair? Previously the hottest trend going around the country was Brazilian hair straightening blow-out;  ( everything about it was burning hot ! ). We started using Paris Hair Straight products instead with amazing results! No more burning eyes, nose, throut, lungs, blisters on scalps,  chocking fumes, face masks and excesive use of hot tongs to burn your hair into submission.

'Brazilian hair' is a general term for a process to turn unruly, curly hair into staight hair.

We use Paris Hair Straight which doesn't damage your hair like most other treatment products. Your hair will look great for 4-6 months if you use the specially formulated shampoo and conditioners to maintain your hair afterwards! The Paris treatment prosess takes approx. 2 hours, and costs R800 for short hair, R1000 medium length and R1200 for long hair. Hair care take home products cost optional extra.

The Paris Hair Straight treatment

Do you sometimes wish your hair would be so well behaved, you could wake up in the morning, give it a good swish and be on your way? This treatment will turn your hair from drag to fab in approx. 2 hours depending on the length of your hair. Keratin is a natural substance, which comprises approximately 88% of your hair. It penetrates the hair, repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. 

Paris Hair Straight treatment eliminates 95%  frizz and curls on natural or chemically treated hair. It rebuilds hair damaged by excessive chemical services. It improves the condition of the hair by adding a protective keratin layer around the hair shaft thus eliminating fizz, smoothing the hair cuticles and enhancing your colour.

The result is straighter, smoother, incredibly shinier, stronger, fizz-free hair, which is more manageable and humidity resistant.

No More Harsh Chemicals with Paris Hair Straight !!! Parizian can be done to coloured, highlighted, bleached, chemically straightened or curled hair and assists in strengthening, adding amazing shine and control to all hair conditions. You do not have to wait for 72 hours. The results are instant!

Unlike other keratin treatments, you can wash your hair 3 days after treatment; wear a pony tail, use clips and pins, go to gym or swim. Your hair will be straighter, smoother, fizz free and extremely radiant.

  • Short Length Hair R1000
  • Medium Length Hair R1200
  • Long Length Hair R1500
  • Phone me for a quotation;
  • Your take home Shampoo And Conditioner cost optional extra

What is a Paris Hair Straight?

It is a revolutionary hair straightening method that softens, smooths, and dramatically straightens your hair! It does not require any strong chemicals, but rather employs a solution containing all-natural keratin to work with the hair cuticles and gently takes its place inside your hair. It actually works best with damaged hair, in fact; the more damaged the hair, the longer it lasts. The treatment usually lasts 4-6 months providing you use the prescribed shampoo and treatment products.

Because this is not a permanent treatment, as the keratin-based solution diminishes over time, your hair will return to its natural form. The hair, however, will stay soft, shiny and healthy looking. The more you receive the treatment, the healthier and more manageable the hair becomes. It will require far less blow drying time, and you will see amazing results with limited use of your tong iron.
Taking care of the hair after  treatment is effortless. The amount of time required to style hair will decrease dramatically; in most cases you can simply wash and go. A Paris Hair treatment restores your hairs' resiliency: humidity, rain or sweat will no longer affect your hairstyle. No more FRIZZY HAIR!

The bottom line: If your hair is unruly, frizzy, or overly curly, and you would like to have low maintenance, hassle-free hair, which is shiny and straight, a Parizian is just the thing for you!

Q. Who is the best candidate for the Paris Hair Straight?

A good candidate is anyone who has frizzy, wavy, curly, damaged or processed hair. With proper communication and a well-considered  application, everyone can benefit from the  smoothing treatment.

Q. What kind of look is created?

The hair will be totally frizz-free, shiny, effortlessly manageable and with plenty of body and bounce.  The hair can still be worn curly/wavy (depending on the hair type), and you will have the freedom to blow dry hair smooth and straight in a fraction of the time invested prior to receiving the treatment.

Q. Can I have a Paris Hair Straight if I have highlights and/or color?

Yes! It will actually improve the health of color-treated/highlighted hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle for enhanced color, reduced frizz and radiant shine.

Q. Is the Paris treatment going to make my hair straight?

If your hair is wavy, it will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, it will minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of the natural wave/curl. If you have straight, frizzy hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and promote radiant shine.

Q. How long does the Paris treatment last?

It will typically last for 4-6 months. The Parizian treatment is a cumulative treatment, so the more you receive it, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the result will last.

Q. Can the Paris treatment work on top of other relaxers and strengtheners?

Yes! It actually works best on chemically treated hair, and helps to improve the condition of the hair by fortifying each strand with essential amino acids. It is great for someone who is trying to move away from relaxers or Japanese straighteners because it puts movement back into the hair, allowing the hair to look its best.

Q. Will my hair lose volume?

No, your hair will not lose volume as a result of receiving the Paris treatment. Your hair will maintain its' natural volume and will appear to have more body, and you will still experience great bend and memory when blow-drying and/or using a curling iron.

Q. Will my hair return to its' original state after the Paris treatment has completed its life cycle?

Yes, the hair will revert to its' original state once the treatment has completed its' life cycle of 4-6 months. However, the condition of the hair will actually improve as a result of the fortifying and conditioning nature of the product.

Q. Can I colour my hair the same day I received the Paris treatment?

Yes. However, it is advisable and reccomended that you colour your hair prior to having the treatment. If you are colouring hair dark brunette or red, you must colour the hair a shade darker, as the hair colour will experience fading during the treatment.

Q. Can I swim in the pool or ocean after I did the Paris treatment?

Yes, you can swim in either the pool or the ocean after you received the treatment. However, the treatment may be slightly compromised if you swim regularly.  We recommend that you receive the treatment prior to swimming in order to act as a protective barrier and maintain the smoothest possible result for the longest period of time.

Q. How soon can I colour my hair after I received the Paris treatment?

You should wait at least two weeks to colour your hair after you received the treatment because the colour will not deposit as effectively with the protein protective layer provided by the smoothing treatment. It is recommended to touch up colour/roots between treatments because the new growth does not have the treatment on it.

Q. How soon can I wash my hair after the Paris treatment?

You can wash your hair immediately after treatment but recommended to wash after 3 days.

Q. Can I have the Paris treatment if I have extensions?

Yes, the treatment and products performs perfectly on hair extensions. However, it is better to treat the extensions separately prior to putting them into the hair.

Q. Can I have the Paris treatment if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

There are no harnfull chemicals in Paris Hair Straight by Helene, therefore you can do the treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q. How soon can I have the Paris treatment again after my first treatment?

It is a conditioning treatment, it will not harm your hair by receiving treatments sooner.

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